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Research area:

Science and Technology are the two sides of a coin and the primary drivers to development. The gradual evolution of science and technology underpin economic advances, improvements in health systems, education, and infrastructure. 21st century expressed as the era of Science and Technology, as progression is based on analysis and proper understanding of facts but not on assumptions. The technological and scientific revolutions are emerging from entirely new sectors, based on microprocessors, telecommunications, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. Products are transforming business practices across the economy, as well as the lives of all who have access to their effects. The most remarkable breakthroughs will come from the interaction of insights and applications arising when these technologies converge. Elix Techno Media’s conferences and workshops are taken a step further to bring together these diverse scientific-technological information from different corners of the world to a single point. The focus is to relate and disseminate knowledge about the use of scientific and technological applications for a better future.

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