Research area:
Health CARe & Nourishment

Health and Nourishment complement each other. However, when it comes to health and nourishment, it’s easy to get confused. Even experts often hold opposing opinions. Yet, regardless of all the disparities, several health guidelines are well supported by continuous research. The extension of the benefits of medical, psychological and related knowledge is essential to the fullest attainment of health for the entire mankind. Informed opinion and active cooperation among biomedical scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, public health officers, and researchers are of the utmost importance in the improvement of the health of individuals. This holds good when it is equally supported in terms of nourishment by nutritionists and well-informed dietitians. The relationship of diet with infection, immunity, fertility, family health, maternal and child health has engaged scientific attention. More recently, the research has been focused on the role of dietary factors in the parthenogenesis of non-communicable diseases which plays a vital role in the world health sector to provide quality care. An understanding of health is the basis of all health care. The objective of Elix Techno Media’s programme on Health and Nourishment is to accommodate health sector professionals and introduce some order and uniformity into health measures which varied from country to country.

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