WCC 2020

Elix Techno Media privileged to announce its inaugural edition of World Chemistry Congress scheduled May 22-23 at Singapore city, Singapore. Laying stress on the theme “Unveiling the new dynamics of coherence and control in chemistry” WCC 2020 is especially committed not only to welcome chemists across the globe but also to encourage the participation of scientists, innovators, and researchers from both industry and academia contributing to this great discipline. Everything we do in chemistry. Starting from cooking by blending proportionate ingredients to taking care of our health by developing medicines is a great orchestra of chemistry. So, continued and increased investment of money and intellect in chemistry research is vital. WCC 2020 aims to congregate the chemistry professional to share ideas and knowledge. By attracting various chemical professionals, the conference provides excellent opportunities for sharing your passion for chemistry, connecting with a valued community, and advancing your career in this ever-changing global economy. This two-day event is anticipating attendees all over the world come together to showcase collaborate and network. 

Topics for session include, but are not limited to, the following:

The methodologies and technologies adaptable to process chemistry are the focus of this unique session. New catalysts, reactions, and methods for the synthesis of functional materials will be dealt with in-depth. Expert chemists from across the globe will put light on the new horizon of chemistry and will make us understand the development of novel and efficient new reactions and technologies which can provide an essential stimulus for the future.

To date, most successful commercial products were carefully selected for their manufacturing via biological synthesis. However, a large degree of chemical space is already known to be available for chemical manufacturing. The vision of the future put forth herein is one where biological synthesis and engineering and chemical synthesis and engineering are on par with one another for chemical manufacturing. This is where WCC 2020 will bring expert’s views on the discoveries so far and the present ongoing findings on the commercial applications of synthetic chemistry for the well being of human society.

Analytical chemistry plays an enormous role in our society, such as in drug manufacturing, process control in industry, environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, food production, and forensic surveys. Without analytical chemistry, we could not make any important decisions about soil remediation or limit values for environmental pollution, choose the correct medical treatment for patients, etc. Through this session, WCC 2020 aims to find the future of analytical chemistry in cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas, focused on solving important societal challenges and engaging young and bright scientists.

Since the dawn of mankind, materials have played an essential role in human development. The Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age are part of our history and today we are heading towards the Nano Age. Using all the tools in chemistry, such as material synthesis and chemical and physical characterization methods, this session aims at deepening the understanding of materials properties to design and develop the materials of tomorrow.

Medicinal chemistry is a stimulating field as it links many scientific disciplines and allows for collaboration with other scientists in researching and developing new drugs. This session will focus on medicinal chemistry approaches to developing new medicines for diseases affecting global health. Presentations from international experts, alongside perspectives detailing case histories in drug discovery, will highlight the latest developments in the field whilst showcasing the opportunity for creativity and innovation.

The catalytic rate enhancement imposed by enzymes has attracted the attention of chemists for more than a century. Our understanding of enzymatic catalysis has evolved slowly, in parallel with the development of experimental tools to probe chemical and kinetic mechanisms. The core of the session will be revolving around digging out new findings in catalytic reactions, understanding their kinetics and their implications.

This session will discuss the existence and interplay of organic substances found in living organisms. The focus will be on research findings in the area of organic molecules in their biological hosts, the enzymes that synthesize molecules and the complex processes that occur in a cell.

This session will discuss the latest research innovations and important developments optimization, and monitoring of fundamental chemical processes used in industry for transforming raw materials and precursors into useful commercial products for society. In the 21st Century, a new phase of development is beginning. With “Chemistry 4.0” begins the fourth stage of development in the industry’s 150-year history, which will be shaped by digitalization, the circular economy and sustainability in the coming decades.

Modern inorganic chemistry is an enormously broad field that spans a profusion of fascinating sub-disciplines ranging from solid-state chemistry at one extreme to solution photochemistry at the other. On the other hand, Organo-metallic substance makes up brings together factors of inorganic substance makeup and natural substance make up. Through this session, WCC 2020 aims to understand the coherent relationship between these two domains.

Green chemistry has become a target for cutting-edge research into sustainable technologies. These may reduce (or eliminate) the production and use of hazardous substances in mining and the design, manufacture, and application of chemical products, and may also lead to energy savings and a better environment and health. WCC 2020 through this session aims to demonstrate the researcher’s inventiveness towards sustainable development.

Radiochemistry or nuclear chemistry is the study of radiation from an atomic and molecular perspective, including elemental transformation and reaction effects, as well as physical, health and medical properties. This session on the subject will bring into discussing the latest developments in research and the current hot topics in the field.


Supporting Publications

All accepted abstracts for WCC 2020 will be published in the conference proceedings with an associated journal.

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