Guidelines For The Abstract Structure

A  concise  and  factual  abstract  is  required.  The abstract should not contain any undefined abbreviations or unspecified references. The  abstract  should not exceed 400 words and should  be stated  briefly  the  purpose  of  the research, the principal results and major conclusions. References should be avoided, but if essential, then cite the author(s) and year(s). Also, non-standard or uncommon abbreviations should be avoided, but if essential they must be defined at their first mention in the abstract itself (and then later again when used in the text, see Abbreviations).

Click here to download the abstract guideline and prepare your abstract accordingly. 


1. One author has been designated as the corresponding author with contact details:
– E-mail address
– Full postal address
2. Necessary files have been uploaded (as *doc), and contain:
– Keywords
– Graphical Abstract (if any)
– Brief Bio-data
– References (if any)
3. Further considerations:
– Abstract has been ‘spell-checked’ and ‘grammar-checked’.
– Permission has been obtained for use of copyrighted material from other sources (including the Web). 
4. A maximum of two abstracts per first author may be submitted.


All abstracts undergo a double-blind, peer review process and results will be sent to the author within two weeks of submission.

Abstracts submitted for the event first go through an initial screening by the editorial team. Then, double-blind peer review  will be conducted by our Scientific Experts for quality, relevance to the Cancer Research community, and suitability for Conference Proceedings. 

Reviewers will be double-blinded, meaning that neither the author nor the reviewers will know the identity of each other.

Authors will be notified whether their abstract has been accepted or rejected, or whether revisions are necessary.

In most cases, prior to acceptance, major or minor revisions in abstract writing will be necessary.

If your abstract is accepted, you will be called to register for the ICCRT 2020.

Important Information For Co – Authors

If co-authors would like to be there at the conference their registration and payment is required to be made independently. They should be specified themselves as Listener or Non Presenter registration fee. One registration permits only one person to be there at the conference. Certificate will be issued for each conference registration. Contact the organizing committee regarding this matter and avail possible discount.


Everyone who is listed as an author in this abstract should have made a substantial, direct, intellectual contribution to the work and should take public responsibility for it.

Please note that your bio-data, abstract and summary may be used by the organizing committee as website-conference materials.