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Arts and Humanities

The Arts and Humanities include the disciplines of ancient and modern literature, languages, comparative religion, cultural studies, philosophy, visual & performing arts, history, anthropology, and linguistics. These disciplines intensify and complement our understanding by ascertaining, explore, share, and recreate. This field helps people to succeed in whatever endeavor they pursue insightfully and responsively. To nurture both the magnitude of the humanities and their input to the quality life, we always need passionate, committed educators at every level whose energy, vision, enthusiasm, knowledge, and interest allow students opening their minds. In addition to that, course curriculum must be more than the maps of someone’s taste and interest. Subjects offered in school, colleges and universities need to be perceptive, towering the scope of cultural traditions & values, adequately defined, and attractive to students. To concentrate on the issues that have arisen as a result of the changing time, Elix Techno Media has brought forward a platform. All the programs are based on the cases that matter, but often remain unheard.

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