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‘Conferencing and Conferences’ 

Embark on a Journey of

Innovative and Informative International Events

About Elix


Team ElixTM with its instructive and engaging conferences aims to embrace areas like Health Care, Infrastructure Development, Agriculture, Engineering, Technology, Environment, Humanitarian and Cultural Studies. We are very particular for creating a meaningful future by executing educative and edifying events. We proffer researchers and authors to get their research findings published in our supporting journals with quality indexes. Our objective is to bring the eminences on board, talk and discuss the challenges that hold prime importance in research fraternity, industry-particular and raising global concerns.

Upcoming Conferences & Workshops

Global Summit on Fisheries, Aquaculture and Climate Change

Your Way

World Congress on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

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International Conference on High Energy Physics

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Global Symposium on Microbes and the Human body

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World Congress on Agriculture and Rural Development

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International Value Based Bio-products Workshop

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Global Symposium on Economic Growth and Development

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Residing at the top of your professional competition can’t be achieved without presenting and testing out your work. So it is the best way to explore the vivacious world of advanced technologies by engaging yourself through ElixTM’s Learning forums. We organize quality & timely program for you to connect with various stakeholders of your terrain and nurture your network.

  • Understand the current state of research
  • Identify with the rapidly transforming Industry characteristic
  • Witness top-notch international talks
  • Be a part of our thought provoking panel discussions
  • Meet, and Interact one-to-one with the international fraternity

Get your research published with us in the form of  Conference Proceedings with a DOI Number (DOI prefix: 10.37937).

  • To be a part of reviewing panel
  • To be a publication support

Contact us at: contact@elixtechnomedia.com